My interest in painting bottles and jars started a few years ago.  It was my friend's birthday and I didn't know what to buy for her.  Her two main loves are gin and her children (in that order!) but I didn't want to buy her yet another bottle of gin so I thought I'd paint one instead; that was just the start.

After the gin came the Newcastle Brown Ale; I live in Newcastle so it seemed like a natural choice.  I gave away a few prints as presents then people started to ask me to paint specific bottles, gin, vodka, whisky, jam to name but a few.

I have painted jams, fruits and gins for Tiptree, lamb chops for the Scotch Butcher, tea for teapigs, a thistle for the Scottish YMCA and the wonderful Craigellachie Hotel in Speyside Scotland. 

I'm very happy to take commissions, bottles, dogs, horses, lamb chops, whatever takes your fancy.